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Increase Sports Performance with the Right Mouth Guard

Monday, August 01, 2011
High school and college sports are about to start and on the list of supplies your child needs is a sports mouth guard. This may seem like a simple purchase which you can make at any sporting goods store for a few dollars. But you may not know that this simple piece of equipment can have a dramatic effect on your son or daughters sports performance.

If your child is a college athlete, or competing at a high level in high school, you should consider the Pure Power Mouth Guard, a custom fitted mouth guard that properly aligns the jaw, putting the entire body in equilibrium. This means, the muscles are completely relaxed and no longer compensating to hold the body's posture together.

Now the muscles can release more energy, power, strength, flexibility and increased range of motion to the body. Even professional athletes, such as Terrell Owens and Olympic champion Michael Redd found a 30%-80% increase in their athletic ability when using the PPM.

It sounds crazy that a mouth guard can make you stronger, improve your flexibility and increase your balance. But this mouth guard, derived from neuromuscular dentistry, shows how connected your bite is to the rest of your body. The idea is to find the ideal bite position (where the muscles and joints are most relaxed) and build that position into the appliance.

If you are interested in better sports performance, playing to the best of your ability, request a consultation with Dream Smile Dental.

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Front desk people were awesome as usual. Courtney the hygienist is always great too. Pushed me to go have something on my lip looked at which proved to be pre cancer that needs to be removed.

LZ 3-26-13

Dr. Barton was great with my son. He let him "play" with some of the instruments before actually using them so that made my son feel more comfortable. My son, at age three, loves going to the dentist and hopefully this will continue.

CC 11-7-12

Courtney Wager was excellent......she had a thorough understanding of my Son's needs. She also advised me to seek a total diagnosis with an ENT doctor. She was looking at the whole condition (tongue-thrust swallow) not just her speciality. Great experience over all!

RL 11-4-12

Ever since I have been coming to Dream Smile I have had nothing but great experiences. All the employees are very professional and cater to your every need, especially Nicole.

EDC 7-28-11

My visit, from start to the end, was great. When I do have the work done on my tooth, I would prefer the dentist that was on duty that day, as he took the time to explain things to me about the tooth. Also, special thanks to the girls behind the desk who were patient and extremely nice as my Delta Dental Plan was being determined.

MG 8-24-11

There was some confusion re: my appointment time. Courtney was kind enough to fit me in. The front desk team is excellent!

PC 9-20-11

I am always treated with respect and Service is always provided in a prompt timely and professional manner. Also Courtney does a great Job cleaning my teeth and providing needed information so that I don't have to make so many vists to the Dentist. Thank you.

PC 9-21-11

All the staff were wonderful!

JF 9-22-11

Sandy and Courtney are awesome. And the girls at the desk treated me great. Always look forward to going to Dreamsmile.

TR 9-30-11

All of the staff was wonderful and the office was the nicest dentist's office I have ever been to. Even my son had a good time and is looking forward to his visit in November.

MD 10-2-11

I just want you to know that Courtney and Sandy are the best!!!

DO 10-5-11

Your office is extemely professional and talented. Thank you so much. I will continue to be a patient here.

CC 10-8-11

The entire staff at DSD is outstanding, professional and makes you feel very comfortable...outstanding!!

MD 10-12-11

The girls were great and were very knowledgeable about what they do.

EC 10-19-11

It is always a pleasure to come in and see everyone again.

AL 10-19-11

Many offices to choose from, but nothing else compares, THE BEST.

RO 10-21-11

Ashlee is always so friendly! It was our first time meeting Dr. Barton but he is also great!

QG 10-25-11

I would like to thank Courtney and Dr Shwartzman for cathing my sinus infection. I saw Dr Dana and I am now on amocicillin for 2 weeks.

DC 10-25-11

It was a very pleasant experience! I'm hoping to dazzle family and friends with my pearly whites during the holidays.

NM 10-25-11

My appt. was for a whitening and the dental technician explained everything clearly and was very attentive to my comfort during the whole procedure. I'm sorry I don't recall her name but she was very friendly, professional did a very good job.

PS 10-27-11

Staff is always friendly, efficient and highly skilled. Although the idea of "going to the dentist" is not something I look forward to, DreamSmile Dental makes it a positive end result.

JV 10-27-11

I think Courtney is a great dental hygenist. She has alot of energy, does a great job, and knows her stuff.

MC 10-27-11

My appointment was at 4:30, I was running late due to traffic. I called and I believe her name was Jeannine. She was great. She reassured me that my late arrival was not an inconvenience for anyone! The administrative assistant at desk, was also very kind and polite. Excellent, flexible with appointments Thanks so, so much. What a great team! Thank you!

CD 10-28-11

Loved the whole team. Courtney was amazing! Very passionate about her work

KR 10-28-11

Jeanine is always so friendly and welcoming!

RG 10-30-11

Everyone was great and actually dont mind coming to the dentist office. Great job.

Anonymous 11-7-11

Staff was great...Yelena was great as well. Thanks

BM 11-16-11

Love Stacey. She is always gentle, kind and keeps me entertained so the time flies by quickly.

RE 11-17-11

Dr. Ronkin is a tremendous asset. He is very helpful. Courtney is a terrific hygenist. I think the world of her and am graeful for the care she provides.

BD 11-28-11

Everybody was great from front desk people to Sandy, Courtney, and, of course, Dr. Shwartzman. Considering a year ago I was totally dental phobic, I can't believe how comfortable everybody has made me feel. Lucky to have such great workers.

JL 11-29-11

The staff and especially my hygienist make my visit enjoyable despite the fact that I hate going to the dentist.

DM 11-30-11

everyone who greeted me was welcoming,those who treated me were efficient and timely.

VP 12-3-11

very good experience! everyone was super friendly and seemed very capable.

RP 12-9-11

Stacy is great!!!!!

JC 12-11-11

I had a wonderful visit. Everyone was very conscientious.

KR 12-14-11

Everyone was polite and professional . didn't have to wait . the service was explained and i'm very happy with the result .

DM 12-15-11