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Invisalign® are the braces of the 21st century. No more wires attached to your teeth, easily remove them to eat your favorite foods, and straighten your teeth without anyone knowing. Invisalign®works by utilizing a series of clear custom made aligners that move teeth in very small increments. With the combination of Acceledent® technology to speed up treatment time, Invisalign® aligners are worn and changed each week until the final position is achieved.

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We Provide An Experience

Modern orthodontics is not only about making teeth straight, it’s also about aligning them to maximize chewing and swallowing functions.

How Invisalign Works

Invisalign works by utilizing a series of clear custom made aligners that move teeth in very small increments.

Our Intraoral Scanner

We will build a 3D model of your teeth in real time. After scanning, we will show you what your treatment will look like.

Faster Results

Acceledent is an FDA approved mouthpiece device that generates gentle micro-pulses to speed up treatment. 

 "For someone who has had issues with dentists in the past and going consistently the past few years, I immediately felt comfortable and welcomed. I was well informed by what was going on and everyone had a great attitude. I actually enjoyed my experience and will have no issues returning every 6 months. Anytime I hear of someone needing a dentist I will be referring them to Dream Smile."  - Jason, Massachusetts

"Yet again, I had another wonderful experience at Dream Smile Dental. It started with the ladies at the front desk helping me figure out about my insurance issues. Then I had another great cleaning with Stacey. She answered a couple of questions I had regarding purchasing products for gum sensitivity. I highly recommend this dental office." - Paul, Massachusetts 

"I have been a patient with Dream Smile Dental since 2006. Thank you to Dream Smile Dental for all of the years of making me comfortable and doing a great job!!!" - Gwenette, Massachusetts

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