Is Whitening Right For You?

A popular and affordable form of cosmetic dentistry, tooth whitening is a non-surgical procedure that results in whiter, cleaner looking teeth. If you're thinking about paying for whiter teeth but feel vain about it, take comfort in knowing that the desire for white teeth is nothing new -- at-home methods like chewing on sticks, brushing with peroxide, and rinsing with strawberry juice have been around for decades. Unfortunately, those methods aren't effective enough to make a smile truly shine and stand out. If your teeth are stained yellow or gray, a professional treatment can raise your shade into a brighter smile.

What Causes Stains?

Coffee, red wine, and tea are common drinks that darken tooth enamel. Tobacco, aging, trauma, tetracycline and other medicine can also be blamed. While brushing and flossing keep teeth healthy, those unattractive stains tend to stick around anyway. You might have tried a whitening toothpaste to help lighten your teeth, but should be aware that abrasive agents in these toothpastes can weaken enamel if used for long periods of time. It's true that stains can be somewhat lifted by consistent use of over-the-counter whitening strips, but some people find the strips difficult to apply, expensive, and only moderately effective.

How Whitening Works

The team at Dream Smile Dental will help you determine the most appropriate whitening solution. At the office we offer Zoom whitening and an at-home professional whitening kit. Both methods involve the use of a dental-grade hydrogen peroxide solution that's strong enough to break down stains and make your teeth three to seven shades lighter. The Zoom process also involves exposing your gel-coated teeth to an ultraviolet light during a timed "power bleaching" session.

Before beginning the process, we will assess your level of tooth sensitivity. If you have very sensitive teeth, the profoessional at-home whitening kit may be most appropriate. The professional whitening kit contains a gel that is applied it to the inside of a tray molded to fit your teeth. This procedure can happen in the office, or at home.

Is It Safe?

Tooth whitening is safest when a dentist oversees the process for possible complications like gum irritation and increased sensitivity to cold temperatures. You might feel some tinges of pain when using bleaching gel, but most people find the discomfort is well worth the results. After the first course of whitening, we will recommend a maintenance routine to help keep your teeth white. Also, realize that tooth whitening is a non-surgical process and -- unlike Botox -- does not require injections.

Why Whiten?

The desire for white teeth is natural and normal. Maybe you're getting married and want to look your best on your special day. Perhaps your love of coffee hasn't done much for your teeth and you'd like to correct that (and have your caffeine, too). No matter what your reason, at Dream Smile Dental your health is our top priority. We will help you establish a whitening routine that is highly effective, safe, and will amp up your smile a few kilowatts.

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