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Impacted Wisdom Teeth: What to Know and When to Act

A nice smile makes you look great and helps maintain optimal health. Luckily, daily brushing with your favorite toothpaste, along with regular hygiene visits, will keep your teeth whiter and healthier. One important thing for young adults to be aware of is that you have some new teeth coming!

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5 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Your Life

You have probably heard of cosmetic dentistry or know someone who has undergone some cosmetic dental treatments. There are plenty of advertisements for teeth whitening and straightening and lots of people who benefit from the aesthetic results of these treatments. But cosmetic dentistry actually has a myriad of benefits that can improve your health and well-being on the whole. Here are five ways that cosmetic dentistry can improve your life.

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How to Deal With Fear of the Dentist

Does the thought sitting in the dentist’s chair make you break out in cold sweats? Would you rather suffer through months of dental pain and headaches than take an hour to fix your teeth? Does the idea of breathing laughing gas terrify you as much as the dental work itself?

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Does Oil Pulling Make Your Mouth Healthier?

Imagine that you wake up early to start your morning routine. But instead of reaching for a your toothbrush to get fresh, you throw back a bottle of coconut oil and enjoy its nutty flavor in your mouth for a few minutes before rinsing.

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7 Foods You’ll Enjoy That Are Good For Your Teeth

We’ve all heard about what not to eat: too many sweets, soft drinks, and processed foods. Acidic sodas and refined sugar contain acids that weaken the enamel of your teeth on contact, making them more susceptible to cavities. 

But even citrus fruits contain acids, and natural sugars and debris left behind from healthy grains, fruits, and vegetables can also lead to tooth problems.

But before you consider going Paleo, we thought you’d like to know that Mother Nature’s pantry provides many foods that are good for your mouth and your overall health. You might not even have to change your diet much because these common foods and drinks help keep your teeth shiny and your gums strong. Enjoy!

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Oral Piercings

The Aztecs did it. The Mayans did it. And we do it, too. Today, our stainless steel bars and loops are nothing compared to their ritualistic piercings (or the bones, blades and giant disks that other cultures put in their mouths). But these small metal balls are still a big source of concern when it comes to your oral hygiene. 

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Why Only Brushing Twice A Day Is Just Not Good Enough

We’re taught from the time we’re small to brush our teeth twice a day for good hygiene. That’s one of the lessons that our parents instilled in us, and that we pass on to our children. Brushing well is a part of creating healthy habits.

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Why Regular Dental Checkups Are Smart Evolution


Did you ever buy yourself, or your kids, a shark tooth necklace? You know, the kind that you find at a beach-front souvenir shop?

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Dental X-Rays: The Facts You Need To Know

Patients often ask if dental x-rays are safe. To answer this question, we explored why it’s important to understand why we do x-rays, it’s effect on our health, and how a banana helps put everything into prescriptive. 

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Flossing Works, It’s Not Just About The Plaque.

On August 2nd this AP article was published: Medical benefits of dental floss unproven. Since it’s publication, the article has received a lot of attention in both the media, the dental community, and our office.

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