Concern: Narrow smile in which only the front teeth show.



Solution: Non-surgical widening of the smile.

The Cosmetic Dentist uses bonding or veneers to make your smile broader and more attractive revealing your newly shaped side teeth for that "Julia Roberts" smile. The teeth that were once dark or hidden are now exposed for that full beautiful look that makes movie stars so famous for their smile.



Concern: Slightly miss-shaped or uneven teeth.



Solution: Dental recountoring of teeth.

The Cosmetic Dentist uses minimal high-tech filing techniques to evenly shape your teeth making your smile proportional and straight. Teeth are shaped accordingly based on your tooth structure and gender to naturalize and beautify your smile. This can be achieved in only one visit.


Concern: Gum-line of the upper teeth is too low making your teeth look smaller.

Solution: Recountoring of the gum-line.

The Cosmetic Dentist uses a non-invasive dental laser to reshape the gum-line revealing more of the upper teeth to achieve a more full and defined smile. This non-surgical and virtually painless treatment is usually done prior to cosmetic restoration by use of veneers or bonding to complete the confident smile you desire.



Concern: Severely chipped or broken teeth.



Solution: Porcelain crowns

Today's advances in dentistry allow the Cosmetic Dentist to use modern materials to prep and deliver a porcelain crown to be bonded to your tooth making it impossible to tell the difference between the crown and your natural tooth. This allows the dentist to restore your natural smile without having to extract or significantly alter the inherent structure of your teeth.



Concern: Darkened or stained teeth.



Solution: Professional Dental Whitening

The in-office cosmetic whitening procedure is one that will yield the highest results and can whiten teeth up to 9 shades. Over time, teeth become darker due to one's lifestyle and habits. Coffee, tea, juice, certain foods, smoking and even aging cause teeth to take on darker shades causing that "pearly white" smile to deteriorate. Although food, drink and smoking staining is easy to whiten, naturally darkened teeth are more difficult.

The best way to find out if whitening is the right procedure for you would be to consult your dentist rather than attempting over-the-counter whitening methods since bonding or porcelain veneers could be the solution to your specific case. The in-office light source whitening works by applying specialized whitening gel to your teeth, followed by the positioning of the light source directly on the teeth in order to activate the gel. The light source is then repositioned every 20 minutes to maximize the results, achieving your brightest smile in just one hour and a half. Another option is home bleaching. The Cosmetic Dentist takes impressions of your bite to create customized bleaching trays to be used at home with an advanced and more effective formulated gel than any over-the-counter bleaching options. This two week process can brighten your smile up to 5 shades.



Concern: Dissatisfaction with your smile overall.



Solution: Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction is a treatment that uses the latest cosmetic and neuromuscular technology to not only restore the aesthetic structure of your teeth, but also to build the optimum bite by harmonizing your teeth, muscles and jaw joint. This gives you a beautiful smile as well as healthy and functional teeth. There are various treatments that are part of the full mouth reconstruction process, and depending on your specific case you may need any one or a combination of the following.


Metal Free Fillings and Restorations

Chances are if you open your mouth and look way back you are going to find a few metal fillings in your mouth. The metal used to fill teeth is an "amalgam" of silver and mercury, a substance created back during the time of the Civil War. Over time, the fluctuations in metal caused by eating hot and cold foods can cause the fillings to actually crack the teeth they were intended to protect, allowing for further decay.

The most desirable procedure today for filling a cavity is to use an inlay or an onlay. Made of porcelain or resin, inlays and onlays not only look natural, but also actually restore teeth to their original strength or better! Teeth that once appeared gray from silver/mercury amalgams are made to look new, and poisonous mercury is removed from the patient's mouth.


Aesthetic Metal Free Bridges

Accidents happen. Anyone can lose a tooth or multiple teeth for any number of reasons. Of course, the result is never flattering, and can actually cause the remaining teeth to drift out of position. Even worse, people lose their confidence to smile when they lose teeth. In the past, the solution has been to have missing teeth replaced with a bridge restoration. However, most bridges were (and still are) constructed with porcelain fused to metal. The only problem is that you can see the metal-above the teeth at the gum line and through the teeth in bright light. Needless to say, the result is less than ideal.

Dream Smile Dental has the ideal solution. We replace missing teeth using 100% porcelain bridges only. The new porcelain "tooth" is fitted and fused between two porcelain crowns. The two crowns are then permanently affixed onto the teeth on either side of the gap. The resulting restoration will last and last. So will the resulting beauty.



The smile designers at Dream Smile Dental can straighten your teeth to their natural positions in as little as four visits to our office. What used to take two years to straighten can literally be corrected in two weeks. It's all done with porcelain veneers, adding strength and beauty to your existing teeth.

Designed to cover the existing surface of the tooth, a veneer, also referred to as a laminate, is constructed entirely of porcelain. It is naturally strong, stain-resistant, and life-like. Veneers can be used to improve the shape of the teeth, cover hopelessly stained teeth, and repair gaps and cracks.

If you've been dreaming of your perfect smile, nothing else comes close to the natural beauty of porcelain veneers. You'll never be able to tell that the veneers aren't your natural teeth, and neither will anyone else!

Avadent Dream Smile Dental

Concern: Dissatisfaction with the fit and look of your denture.

Solution: Avadent Digital Dentures

What's in a name?

Ava means rebirth and Dent stands for dentition. Together AvaDent means “The Rebirth of Your Smile”™

What is AvaDent?

With AvaDent’s revolutionary, digital, CAD/CAM technology, we take a digital record of your mouth and create your beautiful new smile with a precise, computer fit, in just two appointments.

Benefits of Avadent vs. Traditional

Benefits of Avadent vs. Traditional Denture

Reduced Appointments. AvaDent can cut your time in the dentist chair by more than half!

Exceptional Fit.

AvaDent takes your digital record and creates your virtual denture right on the computer. Once the design is perfect it is precision milled for extreme accuracy and fit.

Permanent Digital Record.

Only AvaDent Digital Dentures offer you the convenience and protection of a permanent digital record. Should you ever lose or damage your AvaDent, we can quickly create your new Avadent using the digital records on file.

More Bio-hygienic.

Our patented process reduces the buildup of bacteria forming on your AvaDent helping to eliminate sore spots and “denture breath”. Now you can get an AvaDent in just two appointments instead of the traditional five or more!