What is the PPM?

A custom fitted mouth guard that properly aligns the jaw putting the entire body in equilibrium.

When the body is in equilibrium, the muscles are completely relaxed and no longer compensating to hold the body's posture together.

The muscles now have the capability to release more energy, power, strength, flexibility and increased range of motion to the body. Even professional athletes, such as Terrell Owens and Olympic champion Michael Redd found a 30%-80% increase in their athletic ability when using the PPM.


How does this work?

A specially trained dentist, such as Dr. Ronkin or Dr. Shwartzman, uses highly technical equipment to measure jaw movement and tracks this using a special program. After recording these measurements and creating models of the mouth, we can fabricate the PPM. Once the PPM is placed in the mouth, the jaw automatically moves into the correct position instantly liberating stored energy.


Why was this not known before?

Increasing athletic ability via Neuromuscular Dentistry, the concept on which the PPM is based, is not a new concept.

In the 1980's, Dr. Richard Kaufman designed the M.O.R.A device which was referred to as "The Mouthpiece of Champions".

This made national news, but didn't last in the sports world because the tools to diagnose a 100% accurate bite were lacking.

Today, the PPM is fabricated with equipment that gives an almost ideal result and this fact is what makes it so unique and popular. Drs. Ronkin and Shwartzman have been neuromuscular dentists since 2001 and have treated over 100 patients using this concept of Neuromuscular Dentistry.


Why Custom Fitted Mouthguards?

More than 5 million teeth are knocked out in sporting activities each year.

While this number is staggering, the American Dental Association estimates that more than 200,000 oral injuries are prevented every year thanks to the use of PlaySafe® sports mouthguards.

While many sporting good stores sell mouthguards, these versions are not as effective as the PlaySafe sports mouthpiece offered by your dentist. That's because store-bought mouthguards cannot be altered and require you to keep your mouth clenched for maximum protection.

PlaySafe, however, is made using an exact duplication of your mouth and will stay in place with no effort. This gives you the ability to put your attention where it belongs: on the game!


Sports Mouthguards Are not All created Equal!

Comparing dentist fabricated, custom sports mouthguards with stock or boil and bite type mouthguards, typically found in sporting goods stores, reveals significant differences.

Boil and bite type mouthguards do not fit as accurately as custom fabricated types so they often are uncomfortable and frequently interfere with the athletes breathing and speaking ability.

Boil and bite mouthguards provide a false sense of protection due to the dramatic decrease in thickness when the athlete bites into place during its softened state.


Customize Your Mouthguard!

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Pick Any Color Or Any Team!


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